The story goes long way back…

The story is old, but got me all excited when I learned it from my partner. Lefteris in 1953, began to create and sell kebabs using the pram of his son, of which he had kept the wheels and handle and had adapted a container with ice for the meat, tomato and parsley. Right above was a handmade grill with charcoal.

In 1957 he opened a shop in Omirou street, where is still to this date, and started selling souvlaki that were no longer grilled in a cart, but in exactly the same way.

That is, a necessarily fresh pie (hence always un-oiled) resting on cast iron. On top of it, while still hot, the tomato is applied,  then the meat, the onion with parsley and finally the salt and red pepper. The hand grips the skewer just to wrap it ready, with all materials tied together by the heat of cast iron…


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